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We arrived this morning at the beginning… the lovely little town of St. Jean Pied de Port (foot of the pass… over the mountains to Spain). We will start early in the morning , up into the Pyrenees for five miles to a lovely small hostel for the night. I’m posting today because I don’t know if we’ll have internet tomorrow.

Our walk got more interesting this morning when I tripped and fell in the road! Lessons abound, like paying attention! And also how help comes to us: the woman whose car I fell in front of directed us to the doctor’s office 100 feet away, where she was on her way to work. She arranged for the doctor to see us right away, and the visit cost only $25! Grace abounds.

This pilgrimage has already filled my heart with gratitude for the opportunities along the way to seek fullness of life… intermingling my heart with other pilgrims’… drinking the beauty of nature… even soothing pain.

May we all find the help we need to live into all that life offers us.

“You are above me, oh God, you are within.

You are in all things yet contained by no thing.

Teach me to seek you in all that has life

that I may see you as the light of life.

Teach me to search for you in my own depths

that I may find you in every living soul.”

— John Philip Newell

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