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Our History


In 1774 the First Congregational Church of Leverett was born, together with the town of Leverett.  Forty pounds were appropriated for the building of a meeting house to be located on the hill near the southeast corner of "ye Fish Pond" rocks.  It was a plain two story building.

In 1784, the first minister, Reverend Henry Williams, was persuaded to come to Leverett with compensation that included moving expenses, the house at 14 Montague Road, a barn and 100 acres. Reverend Williams remained minister for 27 years and was the first of 28 ministers to serve the church.


The current First Congregational Church - was built in 1838 by Josiah Pomeroy on the site of the town’s original Meeting House.


The First Congregational Church of Leverett owns and maintains the Edna Emerson Memorial Garden, on property (known as the "King Lot") donated to the church by Dorothy King. The garden was designed by Michael Mazur, of EarthWorks in Leverett, and dedicated in 2004 in honor and memory of Edna Heintzman Emerson (April 16, 1902 -- January 18, 2003)

For a more indepth history, be sure to read:

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