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Church Council News

October, 2023

Church Council Report

On Sunday, Sept. 24, we suffered a software glitch/malfunction on the host Zoom laptop. It occurred during the service and resulted in disruption of the service.


A little history: Our Zoom service started because of Covid-19. Covid-19 was serious and was then a little-known virus. We were blessed with a tech savvy minister and a retired professor of computer science to get us on board the remote church service bandwagon. Our ability to reach out online resulted in additional attendance from distant addresses and continues now with those who are unable to travel. When we were able to return to in person services, we sought to continue with our new, remote congregants. For a few moments last Sunday, while we reacted to the glitch, we struggled with how to respond. We, the people who go to our service on Sunday, either in person or online are asking the question of how do we proceed from here?  


I just reread Lee’s sermon.  Based on Matthew 10:1-16, Lee reminded us to be grateful for what we have and referencing the documentary “I Am” he notes the message, “The movie focuses a lot on how one key tohappiness is appreciating what we have rather than what we are missing.” One of the things that we have is the ability to reach into each other’s lives and share our wonderful service and our friendship. We will examine what we do and how we do it so as to make sure our technology does not detract from  our in-person Sunday Service while continuing to be inclusive.


Two weeks ago, the church thermostat was found to be broken and we did not have heat on Sunday. It turned out that the wiring in the mounting plate no longer worked properly. We ordered another plate and installed it. This past Sunday, we were functional and warm.    


Charlie Paulin Co-Chair

Church Council


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