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Church Council News

M, 2023

Church Council Report

The Council continues to make repairs to the church building. We have scheduled repairs to the electrical service as it enters the building from the street. The service has pulled loose and Grace Electrical will attend to the reattachment soon. Additionally, the lightning cable from the steeple has frayed and broken, and Northeast Lighting Service will fix that when they can schedule multiple repairs in the area. Otherwise, the travel costwill much greater than the actual repair due to driving time from Bloomfield, Conn. We are also having the slate roof inspected and an estimate prepared for any repairs that might be needed. The last time thatwe can find that any repairs were made was in 2004.


The Church Council is indebted to others who saw the electrical situationsfirst and told us about what they saw. We encourage anyone to talk to uson the Council about our combined functions as Trustees and Deacons.


Charlie Paulin Co-Chair

Church Council


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