Church Council Message

Church Council has been extremely active these past few weeks.

With assistance and training from Lee Barstow, we have learned how to

use the online communication tool, Zoom, while at the same time wrestle

with basic questions about running a church and attending to a following

during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Certain decisions seem obvious now but were difficult at the time. Two special events, an Easter Egg Hunt and our second Potluck Supper are now placed on hold. The Easter Egg Hunt likely will be replaced with another kid-friendly event later in the year. Worship services, coffee hours, council meetings and choir practices all have been canceled until further notice. We are in the process of ‘beta-testing’ Zoom for larger, congregation-size gatherings, and we may be prepared to offer online services as soon as this Sunday! Stay tuned for information from Judy Ricker.


Despite this apparent lull, buildings and grounds maintenance has continued more or less apace. Steve Woodard finished his work on the east end of the Dixon House, and he has raked out the church and Dixon House lawns. This Wednesday the church will be power washed. (The last time we power washed the church, Margie McGinnis, Town Administrator with an office in the Town Hall, was looking out at the church while speaking with me by phone and said, “Oh good, you’re having the church repainted! It’s looking great!”)


Adorning the front of the church now is a Steve Woodard-built custom sign case that will be used to deliver messages to the community. Message content and frequency will be at Lee’s discretion.


At the request of more than one Leverett resident, Rich Connelly has added a 15minute carillon playing at noon, Monday through Saturday. We have already received requests! And compliments, and sentiments.


Palm Sunday and Easter are rapidly approaching. Once again, we will be looking to Lee to provide direction on how best to celebrate these services together, while being separated by SARS-CoV-2, a tiny virus.


—Tom Hankinson, Chair, Church Council Council


Leverett Congregational Church

4 Montague Road

PO Box 324

Leverett, MA 01054



Sundays at 10 AM

ALL are welcome

Handicap accessible

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