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Church Council News

April, 2024

Church Council Report

The Council met and reorganized on March 24th. Charlie Paulin and Ralph Tiner were re-elected as co-chairs. No new Council members were elected at the 2024 Annual Meeting so we continue with five of the seven allowed seats filled. Other members are Tracey Field, John Kealy and Sally Kealy. Our meetings usually are attended as well by Lee Barstow, Pastor; Judy Ricker, Clerk; Barbara Tiner, Treasurer; and Michele Smith, Music Director. We generally meet on the second Sunday of each month. Meetings are open to the public and executive sessions are rare.


We reviewed our calendar for known events: Easter Sunrise Service on March 31, 2024,our next two meetings April 14 and May 5, coffee hours on April 7 and May 19, Pastor Lee’s travel away on April 21, June 9 and 16. We expect to participate in Leverett’s Parade on July 6 as well as helping out with beverages during the Town BBQ. We began the process to implement the hiring as voted by the Annual Meeting, of a Young Adult Outreach Position and what that might entail. Additionally, Pastor Lee is looking at the process to onboard new members and is planning for an interdenominational service on September 21st.


On Easter Sunday, we were blessed by good weather for the Sunrise Service, a successful pancake breakfast hosted by the“ men of the church” and beautiful musici ncluding a string quartet during the 10 a.m. service. Thank you to all who lent their timea nd energy to these events.

Charlie Paulin Co-Chair

Church Council


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