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May, 2024

Church Council Report

I am thankful today, together with spring, green grass and hummingbirds, for the two most recent sermons we heard.


On April 21st the Rev. Randy Hyvonen presented Kept Alive by Hope. In the sermon, we were reminded of the travails of the leaders of the early Christian Church. Many of them died for preaching their beliefs. Then we heard about German followers of the Jesus Way during World War Two. The church was abuzz with discussion after the service.


The next week, Pastor Lee presented his sermon, Choosing Love. In it, he describes his participation in a conference called, “Through the Lens of Compassion.” Pastor Lee explains the genesis of the conference and what he learned there, including an education program called Choose Love. He closed with “When we choose compassion, we open the door of possibility... for wisdom... for healing... for happiness... for ourselves and for the world.”


We are fortunate indeed have had two sermons that challenge us to think deeper about the times and the world we live in.


I remind us all that in July, the Town is continuing to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Town’s and the Church’s founding.

Charlie Paulin Co-Chair

Church Council


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