Greetings from Pastor Lee Barstow

November, 2021

Dear LCC Community,

As I write this, our nations’ leaders are meeting in Glasgow to address the need to
curtail greenhouse gas emissions and otherwise address climate change. I find
myself repeatedly drawn to prayerful hope that they do the work they need to do,
followed by prayerful hope that we all do whatever work we are given to support the
changes that are needed.
I believe the climate crisis stems from a heritage which rewards extraction and
development even when these prove destructive. And yet, even when the
momentum of the forces at play seems overwhelming, there is work we can do. It is
never too late to seek repair and reconciliation in the cause of needed change and
also to give comfort to those for whom the impacts are hardest.
Change can begin by listening to the yearnings of our very souls… to understand
that the earth and all its life forms are sacred and deserve our protection… to remember our oneness with all life… to recover our innate awareness that the same
life which flows through us flows through all creation.
In seeking to grow in these ways, I have been helped by earth-based voices,
including those arising from Celtic Christianity, like the following early morning
prayer. May this prayer help you in whatever healing work you are called to.

Glory be to you, O God,
for the rising of the sun,
for colour filling the skies
and for the whiteness of daylight.
Glory be to you
for creatures stirring forth from the night,
for plant forms stretching and unfolding,
for the stable earth and its solid rocks.
Glory be to you
for the beauty of your image
waking in opening eyes,
lighting the human countenance.
Glory be to you. Glory be to you.

But where the glistening is lost sight of,
where life’s colours are dulled
and the human soul grows hard,
I pray for grace this day,
I pray for your softening graces.
– Sounds of the Eternal: A Celtic Psalter, J. Philip Newell, p. 40


Peace and blessings,