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Greetings from Pastor Lee Barstow


Dear LCC Community,


As I write this, there are a few days left of our Christmas season before January 6, which is the twelfth day of Christmas. It is the day we celebrate the arrival of the wise men to the manger, known in our tradition as the Epiphany.  


The journey of the wise men bears unpacking because it mirrors our own spiritual journey. We too are called throughout our lives to turn toward the light… to find the Christ child… Emmanuel… God with us… born in the manger of our own hearts.  


The Christ child is God within every one of us. It is our Christ consciousness, sought by every wisdom tradition in each tradition’s own terms. The child is the human essence, present within every one of us even when we are unaware. The child is the living water of universal goodness that flows through all of us and through everything.


When we find the child… when we taste the living water in any moment of our lives, our hearts swell and, like the wise men, we naturally bow and pay homage and offer gifts.  


We know we have found the child when we feel the joy of deep connection… whenever love breaks through into a relationship or even the memories of a relationship… whenever we glimpse the beauty of the creation… whenever anything triggers our awareness of goodness.


God knows we look for goodness in all the wrong places. We look for fulfillment in appearances… in wealth…in power… in any number of things that can never deliver.  


And yet, no matter what—no matter how often we stray—we are given the opportunity to re-orient. And the light stays with us, ready to guide us on the true path. Grace happens.  


During this year’s Season of Epiphany, may we be the wise ones. May we seek the light of eternal goodness, for when we do, we will find it already born in our heart.