Greetings from Pastor Lee Barstow

May, 2021

Dear LCC Community,

I find myself incredibly thankful these days for the warmth and the sun and most of all the beauty of budding and blossoming. And then today’s UCC Stillspeaking Daily Devotional [1] re-minded me how grateful I am for all the work being done every day by folks giving of their time and energy to our congregation. From work parties to keeping the books and the minutes and other council business to setting up technology for post-COVID worship to mission work to running our fundraising coffee distribution and to everything else you dedicated souls are doing… 
thank you, for all you do!
Everyone reading this gives, no doubt much more than we give ourselves credit for. This devotional is for you, as the reminder we all need sometimes to appreciate ourselves and to appreciate others for all they do… basically to feel the love we are all part of through the threshold of our giving. It written by Donna Schaper, who used to be the UCC minister for our area in the state conference, 
supporting our church and many others. Donna writes,
Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are 
– 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NRSV)


“What you do matters. It may be hard to know that in the middle of any given day or meeting or moment. You may leave more than one task unfinished, more than one email waiting for response, more than one goal unaccomplished. Most people do, including the greatest multi-taskers among us. To do is to leave some things undone.

“Sometimes it appears we are all ‘interims,’ no matter what task we are doing or what title we have. We all walk a great path, with our steps mattering to the greater march of humanity. We can learn how to thank ourselves, in unfinished ways, for the great unfinished of our lives.

“My friend practices random acts of guerilla compassion. She may over-tip the lunch waiter or give her mother’s caretaker a restaurant gift card or clean up an entire picnic area. Her creative acts of appreciation and recognition say a lot about what she might have liked for herself. Just a little nod to remembering that what we do matters is often enough to take us to the next step on the long path.

“When we are thanked, we go on to thank others. Blessings multiply into happy endings; ingratitudes multiply into messes. How to get the appreciation we ourselves want? Appreciate others. How to get the encouragement we ourselves want? Encourage others. The golden rule is truly golden and has many applications. Once we know that what we do matters, we go on to help others recognize the same.”

“God of compassion and appreciation, remind us that Thanksgiving doesn’t need 
to be kept to the month of November. Amen.”

Peace and blessings,



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