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Greetings from Pastor Lee Barstow

February, 2024

Dear LCC Community,

Sometimes, when the morning sun is low enough and the snow isright, if I pay attention and shift my gaze slightly from side to side, I see tiny rainbowsin the ice crystals. It happens too on blades of grass in warm weather, if the dew andthe light are just right.


I love it when I can give in to the wonder of these moments. They remind me that life is an everyday miracle. The beauty and wonder become thresholds to the power and goodness of the mystery of the creation of which we are all made.


The older I get, the more I realize that my experience of the divine is what’s most essential. I have spent much time trying to talk about the divine...its nature, its role in our lives...the importance of seeking it. Such conversation is important because it can help us connect with each know that we share similar experiences and to feel emboldened to seek more.


And yet as helpful as the words can be, what’s most helpful is the practice itself...the practice of inviting into my consciousness the presence and action of God. Or the Mystery. Or Christ. Or Buddha. Or Beauty. Or whatever word helps you most to trigger the action of invitation.


Our imagination can help a lot because it transcends the analytical mind that can mire us in logic. I see imagination as what points us to the divine in images and feelings and wonder. When we gasp at the beauty of a sunset, or the love we feel for another, or a surge of compassion for another’s suffering—as we might on seeing images of children in Gaza—we stand at the threshold of the Presence.


Increasingly, I find too that pain can be a threshold, either emotional or physical, if I can imagine giving the pain into the Presence. It’s as if the love of thedivine mother absorbs it. Suddenly I am flooded with assurance that I am loved, and all will be well.


Or perhaps the threshold is simply a rainbow in a drop of dew. Where are your thresholds to the divine? May you seek to imagine them, for the presence and action of God is the source of all the goodness we receive, and the source of all the goodness we give


Peace and blessings,


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