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Greetings from Pastor Lee Barstow


Dear LCC Community,


About a week before All Saints day on November 1, I received a Daily Devotional that reminded me of a few ideas about the word “saints”:


“Martin Luther famously said that while we live we are all simultaneously saints and sinners. We are imperfect and messy, prone to doing all the wrong things…. And yet, we are also the beloved children of God, trying every day to get it just a little more right. In other words, we are human beings who are alive.


“Protestants believe something else, too. We believe that when we die we join the Communion of Saints. Far from a club for people who lived perfect lives, or believed without doubt, sainthood is a state achieved not by works but by dying in the hope of Christ's grace and love.
“That means that one day we will all be saints. For now, though, we are simply saints-in-training. Like any other learners, we will often get it wrong. We will stumble and cause pain. We will behave in decidedly un-saintlike ways….”i


Taking these ideas a step further… if a saint is one who recognizes their oneness in God (i.e., “in the hope of Christ’s grace and love”), then we are all already saints at one time or another, because we all recognize ourselves in God from time to time.


Consider those moments when you have been so awed by natural beauty that you have felt at one with the universe… when you have felt such deep love for another you knew you were one… when suffering was lifted from you or a loved one, and you were flooded with gratitude.


C.S. Lewis said, “We do not have a soul. We are a soul.” It is our nature to recognize ourselves as part of the divine, because the divine is our source and substance.


So for all of us who beat ourselves up for whatever sinning we’re afraid we do, let us take heart… we are also saints made from light and love, and this is the eternal part. Let us be on the lookout for those moments when we know it to be so.

Peace and blessings,


iRev. Emily Heath, https://www.ucc.org/daily_devotional_saints_in_training