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Photo Gallery


Photo by Steve Woodard,  taken February 2021

Steve Woodard joins us on Zoom every Sunday for worship service, even when he is on the shores of his Maine lakeside home.


Photo by Andrea Cousins, taken January 8, 2014, 10:30 PM.
Many people saw this beautiful photo on Leverett Connects and Andrea gave us permission to use it. (" I’ve been driving past the church every day for 16 years, enjoying the carillon which I hear from my house in the evening, and now, thanks to Laurie, and to Leverett Connects, feel that we are neighbors!")
Thank you, Andrea! Such wonderful neighbors we have in Leverett.

Slideshow - Easter, April 21, 2019

Easter was everything Easter can possibly be for our church. The sunrise service was complete with prayer and music, a full moon immediately prior to service and a rainbow during service itself. I hear it was beautiful. I was in the Town Hall kitchen with the men of the church cooking up a breakfast of pancakes with Field maple syrup, and scrambled eggs and sausage.

Church service itself was wonderful. Families with children and neighbors throughout and beyond Leverett came to hear Lee's sermon, “Listen,” and to listen to the choir perform some of its favorite pieces.

 .... as quoted from Tom Hankinson


Slideshow of our end of summer picnic, July 29th, 2018.  It was a beautiful morning!

Christmas Day Service, 2019

Father's Day bouquet of broccoli enjoyed by the men folk. 

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