Our Current Missions

From Your Missions Committee

June, 2021

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) This past spring we joined together in support of One Great Hour of Sharing to raise $605, a sizeable sum when joined with the many others in our larger community. Looking at the good works OGHS supports throughout the world, one theme kept surfacing: “Let Your Love Flow.” Like the well water that now flows in so many African villages, once strapped by drought, difficult access to and unsafe drinking water, your love flows with this contribution and the many other ways we help communities to a better life.


February, 2021

Meals on Wheels — As has been our church’s tradition, we asked for contributions to the Franklin County Meals on Wheels program (LifePath, https://lifepathma.org/ services/services-for-elders/meals-on-wheels) at our first-ever virtual Candlelight Service. Not only does this organization make it possible for homebound seniors to receive nutritious meals, but also a home wellness check-in. Your unprecedented generosity, contributing $1,075, also honors those among our community who have and continue to support this essential organization providing their skills and services as volunteers.


Veterans Fund — Our contribution totaling $175 will join with other UCC churches to provide much needed relief to those who have served our congregations and face unexpected, insurmountable bills. During these uncertain times, it is nice to know that our community has a way of reaching those in need.


And other updates: You gave $1,345.00 for our Christmastime Adopt-A-Family; $100 for One Great Hour of Sharing; and $420 for Neighbors in Need.


January, 2021

Adopt-A-Family — While very different this year because of the pandemic, our congregation rose to the occasion! We contributed $1,345 in support for Adopt-a-Family of Franklin County this year. You can be sure the gift cards distributed to those families in need
brought much needed relief and joy for Christmas this year.

Church World Service Neighbors in Need (NIN) — Thank you to our church community for so generously giving to Neighbors in Need. Your donations of $420 when combined with contributions from other congregations create significant support for the Council for American Indian Ministry (CAIM), a variety of justice initiatives, advocacy efforts, and direct service projects through grants, especially to offset programs adversely impacted by Covid-19. 


Thank You from Your Missions Committee.

December 2020

Christmas Fund
Funds raised for the Christmas Fund, one of the three UCC special collections, provide direct financial support to those who serve the church and are facing financial difficulties. Please give generously as more of our veterans of the cross face these uncertain times. You can make donations to the Christmas Fund by mailing your check made out to Leverett Congregational Church (write “Christmas Fund” in the memo line), PO Box 324, Leverett MA 01054 OR write "Christmas Fund" in the comments of an online donation at https://www.leverettcongregationalchurch.org/donate


Adopt-A-Family of Franklin County
Thank you to everyone who gave to the Adopt-A-Family program and for the light and joy
your contributions will bring to families in need.

Neighbors in Need (NIN)
With the added burden of the pandemic, your funds for Neighbors in Need will provide
much needed relief to those communities struggling during this pandemic. Thank you for
your generosity!

Community Network for Children
The November clothing swap held at the Dixon House was another success, with families
better equipped for the cold weather and their growing infants and preschool children. For
those who could not make it to the swap, the CNC Children's Closet in Leverett is
available by appointment on Thursday mornings and other times as needed. Please
contact Gillian call/text (413) 422-0170 or email budine@erving.com to make an
appointment while we take precautions for COVID-19.

And remember when…a year ago in October, you generously supported the Missions
Committee at the Leverett Harvest Festival. The funds we raised were on behalf of the
CNC. This November, some of those funds provided turkeys and fixings for families in
need. Your generosity continues to work in anonymous, heartwarming ways.
Thank You from Your Missions Committee
Claudia Gere, Chair
Rich Connelly, Mary Hankinson


April 2020

Coping with the Covid-19 Pandemic  
             – Please advise

As we confront the Covid-19 pandemic, your missions committee wants your advice because we are not sure how to respond. We know that there are those among us who already take time to check in with others in our church to be sure they are okay, and offer to help meet their needs. But given this situation, we would like to know what your missions committee can organize to help get us through this. Here are a few of the ideas that came out of our recent brainstorming. We are looking for those ideas and ways to implement strategies that can most help our church community.


  •  For those who are at risk, who contract the virus, and any others who cannot or should not to go out to get medications or essential supplies, would it be helpful to set up a volunteer-based errands (Post Office, pharmacy, for example), shopping, and delivery service?  

  • For those who cannot afford groceries/medications or other essentials because of the disruptions to their lives, would it be helpful to have supplemental funds available?

  • Would it be helpful to have a food pantry of sorts with emergency supplies?

  •  How would you feel about having a buddy system, where we each sign up with another family (someone in close proximity perhaps) to stay in touch with and update to be sure we’re safe and have what we need to get through this?  


We are looking for any ideas that can help us look out for one another and meet the  needs of those who cannot fend for themselves, and help all of us cope under these new circumstances. You can send your ideas to any or all of the following members of the missions committee:

Richard Connelly rconnell@providence.edu

Claudia Gere claudia@claudiagere.com

Mary Hankinson rmsfarm92@aol.com


A Local Resource: North Leverett Baptist Church Food Pantry  The NLBC food pantry, 70 N Leverett Rd, is open on the first and third Monday of each month, 7-8 PM, offering food and clothing to anyone who has a need. They are members of the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. For more information, call or email: 413-3672619, office@mlbcma.org.


Meals for Lucio  -- Last month Rich Connelly, Mary Hankinson and Elsje Sturtevant provided meals for Lucio Perez, in sanctuary at First Congregational Church in Amherst. To volunteer as a meal provider for our next meals for Lucio, please send Rich Connelly an email, rconnell@providence.edu. We are scheduled for the week of May 18, though Rich thinks that for now that date is on hold..


One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS)  For now this fund-raising effort has been suspended. You may recall we announced the One Great Hour of Sharing offering for March 22 and March 29 in the last Clarion. Given our current reality, you can participate in this important missions offering if you choose by mail P.O. Box 324, Leverett, MA 01054. Make your check payable to the Leverett Congregational Church and write OGHS in the memo line. OGHS involves you in disaster, refugee/ immigration, and development ministries throughout the world.


RIP Medical Debt – For now this fund-raising effort has been suspended. Find out current information at the following link: https://www.sneucc.org/RIP-medical-debt. With every $100 raised they can eliminate $10,000 in medical debt that can overwhelm individuals in some of the neediest Southern New England communities, including Springfield, MA, Bridgeport and Hartford, CT, and Providence, RI.

— Claudia Gere, Chair, Missions Committee

Rich Connelly

Mary Hankinson