Leverett Congregational Church

4 Montague Road

PO Box 324

Leverett, MA 01054



Sundays at 10 AM

ALL are welcome

Handicap accessible

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Our Worship Service


January  5:  Epiphany: communion; Lee preaches

January 12:  Lee is away; Rev. Alice Goodwin Brown leads worship

January  15: Lee preaches

January  26: Sermon time tbd

January 2020 Lectionary For a pdf you can consult and print out, see:

https:// www.macucc.org/files/files/documentsdailylectionary/jan+2020.pdf

Worship Note:

Lee Barstow preaches on the first and third Sunday of each month.

On second Sundays, Lee will share another’s sermon.

On fourth Sundays, sermon time may be devoted to a sacred conversation, sometimes with a visitor who will share about their spiritual journey.

Fifth Sundays will remain open for Taizé, hymn sings and other creative worship ideas.

From Our Pastor, Lee Barstow:

We are part of the awakening that is happening in the world today and in the Christian Church… an awakening of the heart that recognizes our human unity and sees our relationships as the conduit for our experience of God’s love.  We exhibit this in the ways through which, in this blessed community, we love each other and our neighbors. I see this when I represent us at meetings in the community, such as the open house for the visitors from Letcher County, Kentucky, and meetings of ministers, and I see that we are leaders in the understanding so crucial today that more than anything in this world today, we need to know the love that is deeper than any of our differences and any of our wounds.


Our worship service is a place where we have the chance to affirm and deepen this awareness. This is why, during this past year, I have begun opening each service by welcoming all to “this place of belonging, where we come to seek and to share the love of God that flows through our hearts like living water.”


It is a great gift we share Sunday mornings… the opportunity share in recalling and re-membering the deep reservoir of life we share… our true source and strength… which we can forget so easily in the difficulties and distractions of our daily lives.


My most regular duty is to compose our service and contribute content in order to provide a holy space that is conducive to this shared experience of the love of God. The more we taste and see this love, the more we will be able to let go of whatever blocks it, and the more we will grow in it and from it, as branches are fed from the living water that flows from their roots.


Ideally, our worship services help us to know that no matter how harsh the realities of life, we are rooted in a deeper goodness from which we – and all humanity – will always be fed.