Potluck lunch for Eleanor Duncan, 11:30am, January 15th

Eleanor Duncan was honored at a potluck lunch Sunday, January 15, following worship. Food covered the town hall counter from side to side and end to end, the self-same spot for many years for the weekly senior lunch program, run by Eleanor after she ended her career in the school cafeteria serving Gaines-Burgers to Leverett children. Or so it was said. 

A sea of crockpots blew one circuit. A beautiful cake (along with other desserts) capped the food options.

Dick Hankinson emceed the event and presented a Bible, embossed with Eleanor’s name and calligraphically inscribed within. (He claimed it was marked with the favorite passages of Tim Tebow, whose devout quarterbacking for Denver was not enough to overcome the Patriots later in the day.) Eleanor thanked everyone, saying it is the first whole Bible she owns.

Jeff Field and Joyce Stowell offered fond remembrances. Lee Barstow offered thanks. Eleanor was escorted from Southampton by her son Eugene and daughter-in-law Karen with whom she now makes her home.



Sunday, January 15, 2012 - 11:30am