Coffee, we got coffee!

Coffee, we got coffee!

Several years ago Barbara Tiner took it upon herself to peddle Dean’s Beans custom coffee to church members and others. Leverett Congo Blend was born. Smells great when Barbara brings it into church. It’s really good stuff, and its sales support our church. It’s organic fair trade coffee, and there are other products, too. (Dark chocolate java drops, anyone?) Barbara can actually get anything that appears on the website. Go to and poke around. See pictures of Dean all over the world. Read his mission statement. Moreover, Dean Cycon lives right here in Leverett.

Prices are still a bargain at:

  • $ 10.50 for a FULL POUND of regular
  • $ 11.50 For a FULL POUND of decaf

Help our church, and thank Barbara, too.

Contact Barbara Tiner to be included in the next order: 548-7919 or